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Guante sin dedos con ancla para el pulgar para mujer



Mida desde la punta de su dedo medio hasta donde comienza la palma en el pliegue de flexión de su muñeca. Usar nuestro tamaño cuadro para determinar el tamaño adecuado para usted.


El guante está hecho de un material sintético de calidad, que proporciona un tejido transpirable, ligero y suave, lo que permite un ajuste cómodo. El inserto de monpreno que envuelve la base del pulgar brinda soporte, amortiguación, absorción de impactos y durabilidad.

Cómo funciona el guante

Este guante único reduce el dolor de la artritis mientras te mantiene activo. Con 3 correas para asegurar su pulgar, puede realizar una variedad de actividades que incluyen punto de cruz, pintar, jugar pickleball y más con el guante sin dedos.

Thumb Anchor es un guante activo que reduce el dolor de pinzamiento y pellizco del pulgar. Este diseño patentado le permite ajustar la fuerza de estabilidad de su pulgar para maximizar la comodidad. El Thumb Anchor, que acolcha la articulación para absorber el impacto, es diferente a otros aparatos ortopédicos para el pulgar que son voluminosos y le impiden mantenerse activo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Catherine Robbins
Very Tight Fit

The woman’s size medium is surprising small. It is way too uncomfortable to wear.

Catherine, we'd love to learn more about your experience. We're a small business and any product feedback you have is super valuable. Please email us at thumbanchor@gmail.com, so we can troubleshoot any issues you're having.

Sharon S.
CMC joint arthritis, tennis, and the Thumb Anchor

The thumb anchor did not quite solve my problem and I had to return it. But I'm still giving it a positive review because the design was good in many ways, and especially because the customer support was outstanding.

Kay F.
Great pain relief

I have arthritis is my thumb and an OT recommended this to me to use while playing pickleball. It is really great and helps stabilize my thumb while holding the paddle. I used a compression glove on my hand previously but this is much better and I am not feeling any pain while playing or after. Very pleased with the product.

Thank you so much for your review! So happy to hear it's helping reduce pain while playing pickleball!

Ann Albers
Not good if your thumb arthritis is bad

I bought the correct glove size based on the size chart. The problem is that the hard piece that is sewed into the glove makes the glove too painful to wear as it presses on the bad part of my thumb. I bought the glove to wear when I play softball, pickleball and beach tennis. Wish the hard piece was removable so that I could wear it. Sizing should be based on the measurement around the palm. Trying to decide whether to cut the hard piece out or return the glove.

We are so sorry to hear that your glove isn't fitting properly! Please reach out to us at thumbanchor@gmail.com, so we can troubleshoot the issue with you.

Karene Wood
Immediate comfort and support

On my first purchase of this fingerless glove, I made the unfortunate mistake of miscalculating my measurement and ordered a Med. size glove. I managed to get it on and strapped as illustrated but soon realized it was really too small for me. Wow. I was out the price of the glove, but it was my fault. I then ordered a large and found it was a perfect fit. I can now open twist off bottle tops, lids of jars and can hold on to things that require pressure of the thumb and forefinger like taking dishes out of the dishwasher. I wear it most of the day. Doing things on the computer is a breeze now that I have support for that ever busy and useful thumb. I heard of this product through Dr. Alyssa Kuhn, DPT and after following some of her videos regarding living with Osteoarthritis, I knew it was something I could trust. I am very happy with this glove and if I wear it out, I’ll get another!
Karene Wood (82 yrs)