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Customer Reviews

We're proud to have over ten 5-star reviews of our one-of-a-kind arthritis glove.

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A little snug

I love the glove and the support it gives. Quality material and workmanship.
Just wish I’d of bought the next larger size.

returned for size

I can't comment on the product as I had to exchange it for a bigger size.


I appreciate getting the gloves and like the way they feel. I do believe this is a quality product. However they are VERY tight making it difficult to get on and off. A PA recommended them and measured my hands. They put a lot of pressure on my swollen joints.

Helps my wrist and hand pain

Lefty Anchor Glove

I love these gloves and bought two of them, but the second tore the first time i used it.

Best.Glove. Ever.

I have pretty bad arthritis in my hands…these gloves—I wear two—keep my hands so much more comfortable than a regular glove, and I have tried many! I will never use anything but these..the fingerless keeps my hands cool and easy to grab things as fingertips are free.

Didn’t fit and returned. X-Large way to small. I liked the glove. Suggest that wrist portion be extended. To short. Service was very good.

Thumb glove review

It helps with what I need it for.

Not for me

Glove is nice quality and fits well, but basically just a big pad on the outside that puts pressure on, and further aggravates my MCP thumb joint. Everyone is different, so it may work for some.

too early to tell, see review

measured my hand, got an XL. Immediately put it on when I got it. Seemed to fit well but within 30 minutes my thumb was completely numb. Played with the straps; loosened # 2; that seemed to do the trick but I'd emailed TA and they said to upsize it to XXL, so i'm waiting for the exchange.
Couple comments:
Glove seems kind of shoddily made. The backing on strap #2 is shiny and looks really cheap. I'd like to seem them perhaps upgrade their supplier.
Also...I can see wearing this pretty much all day long. It's not the easiest thing to remove so you can wash your hands and i believe the FAQ's say not to wash it. Can't imagine how this thing would smell after a day in the shop or in the yard. I think it would be a real plus to construct this out of some sort of better and permeable material (mesh?) to enable you to wash your hands while it is on.
Other than that...the proof will be in the long term results. During the couple of days I wore it it seemed to work pretty well.

Falling apart

Used four times. Stitching over thumb pad coming undone. Stitching from thumb to palm seperating. Need refund or replacement

Hi Patrick! We're so sorry to hear about your experience. Our team emailed you yesterday to send a replacement glove your way. As a small business, we appreciate all of the feedback and support. If you ever have issues, don't hesistate to email us at thumbanchor@gmail.com.

Thumb Anchor Fingerless Glove

This is my second Thumb Anchor Fingerless Glove Purchase - Great Support when working-out at the gym! Will not workout without it on. Great support when dealing with arthritis.

We're so happy to hear this Doug! Thank you so much!

Need to exchange for bigger glove i usually wear small but this is too small

I like it

Thumb anchor

A little tight between the fingers. Sizing is small. I had to order a second one and go large

Thumb anchor glove

Great product. Works well.

Thumb anchor

They do a good job, but one of the gloves has started to tear.

Thumb arthritis sucks!

This glove seems to help! Played one round of golf with it and it was much better than just a traditional golf glove. One recommendation, the logo is kinds cheesy, but for less pain, I’ll live with it. Likely to buy another!

I am not finding it as helpful as I had hoped. I am a knitter and I find the gloves to make knitting challenging.

Golf & Guitars

These gloves are fantastic if you have arthritis & use your thumbs a lot! I play guitar & a lot of golf. I got these gloves to wear after a BioPro thumb implant surgery on my left hand. They’re very comfortable & provide great support. I’m back to golf & guitars now. Try these, you’ll be glad you did!

Thank you so much for your feedback and small business support!

Fanatical Tennis Player Loves Thumb Anchor Glove

I play tennis fanatically. About two months ago, I was very concerned that significant thumb arthritis was going to permanently sideline me. Thanks to my Thumb Anchor glove & physiotherapy, I am now back on the court! Thank you, Thumb Anchor!

Questionable quality

I have just returned from the golf course having utilized my Anchor Standard glove for only the third time. While I really love the support it provides for my arthritic thumb, I noticed that it is already starting to fall apart! The compartment in the glove that holds the support device is almost completely unstitched, exposing the support device! For $50 I expected better craftsmanship!

Just right for me!

I use my Anchor glove for golf (and it’s actually a golf glove). Keeps my thumb anchored and I have no issue with my golf swing. I’m so glad that it was suggested to me. I have friends who have also ordered it too.

Very Tight Fit

The woman’s size medium is surprising small. It is way too uncomfortable to wear.

Catherine, we'd love to learn more about your experience. We're a small business and any product feedback you have is super valuable. Please email us at thumbanchor@gmail.com, so we can troubleshoot any issues you're having.

Not sure about this yet.

The Thumb Anchor was recommended by my hand physician. I can't yet determine how it is supposed to help. Also, I may be allergic to the material, but I do not have any allergies. The back of my hand gets very red and itchy.

Donlan, we'd love to learn more about your experience. We're a small business and any product feedback you have is super valuable. Please email us at thumbanchor@gmail.com, so we can troubleshoot any issues you're having.