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Guante sin dedos con ancla para el pulgar para hombre



Mida desde la punta de su dedo medio hasta donde comienza la palma en el pliegue de flexión de su muñeca. Usar nuestro tamaño cuadro para determinar el tamaño adecuado para usted.


El guante está hecho de un material sintético de calidad, que proporciona un tejido transpirable, ligero y suave, lo que permite un ajuste cómodo. El inserto de monpreno que envuelve la base del pulgar brinda soporte, amortiguación, absorción de impactos y durabilidad.

Cómo funciona el guante

Este guante único reduce el dolor de la artritis mientras te mantiene activo. Con 3 correas para asegurar su pulgar, puede realizar una variedad de actividades que incluyen andar en bicicleta, enviar mensajes de texto, jardinería y más con el guante sin dedos.

Thumb Anchor es un guante activo que reduce el dolor de pinzamiento y pellizco del pulgar. Este diseño patentado le permite ajustar la fuerza de estabilidad de su pulgar para maximizar la comodidad. El Thumb Anchor, que acolcha la articulación para absorber el impacto, es diferente a otros aparatos ortopédicos para el pulgar que son voluminosos y le impiden mantenerse activo.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Ullman
too early to tell, see review

measured my hand, got an XL. Immediately put it on when I got it. Seemed to fit well but within 30 minutes my thumb was completely numb. Played with the straps; loosened # 2; that seemed to do the trick but I'd emailed TA and they said to upsize it to XXL, so i'm waiting for the exchange.
Couple comments:
Glove seems kind of shoddily made. The backing on strap #2 is shiny and looks really cheap. I'd like to seem them perhaps upgrade their supplier.
Also...I can see wearing this pretty much all day long. It's not the easiest thing to remove so you can wash your hands and i believe the FAQ's say not to wash it. Can't imagine how this thing would smell after a day in the shop or in the yard. I think it would be a real plus to construct this out of some sort of better and permeable material (mesh?) to enable you to wash your hands while it is on.
Other than that...the proof will be in the long term results. During the couple of days I wore it it seemed to work pretty well.

Doug Fraser
Thumb Anchor Fingerless Glove

This is my second Thumb Anchor Fingerless Glove Purchase - Great Support when working-out at the gym! Will not workout without it on. Great support when dealing with arthritis.

We're so happy to hear this Doug! Thank you so much!

Larry Woessner
Thumb anchor

A little tight between the fingers. Sizing is small. I had to order a second one and go large

Mark Bush
Thumb anchor glove

Great product. Works well.

Mark Lau
Thumb anchor

They do a good job, but one of the gloves has started to tear.