About Thumb Anchor

It’s estimated that nearly 1 in 4 adults suffer from arthritis, and this number continues to grow rapidly. One common form of arthritis is CMC arthritis, also known as basal joint arthritis. While there are many thumb supports or splints available today to help with CMC arthritis pain, there are none designed to keep you active while providing pain relief. 

Thumb Anchor arthritis glove is a unique glove that’s different from others on the market. Developed by an industry-leading hand surgeon with over 30 years of experience, this glove was expertly designed to stabilize the base of your thumb and reduce thumb pain from CMC arthritis. Thumb Anchor is a patented design (US patent numbers 9,504,282; 10,349,692; and 11,547,161) with additional patents pending. This design incorporates a molded monprene (like silicone, but more durable) insert built into the glove. With the insert and the straps, you can customize the amount of support for your thumb to meet your comfort level. 

Thumb Anchor is the only arthritis glove that keeps you active. With the extra support & stability, Thumb Anchor still makes it easy to to grip a tool, racket, club, or other object without getting in the way. Our customers have done many activities while wearing gloves, including (but not limited to!) fishing, golfing, playing tennis or pickleball, knitting, needle-pointing, cross-stitching, painting, sailing, skiing, playing hockey, woodworking & so much more.

Thumb Anchor provides a flexible support system, which is why you’re able to keep doing activities or hobbies while getting relief from arthritis. No thicker than a golf glove in the palm, there is nothing to get in your way while staying active. There are no hard or rigid components to the glove, and there is nothing to rub or irritate your hand or thumb while you are using it. Thumb Anchor is the best way to keep doing what you love while getting arthritis relief.

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What we're most proud of

A portion of every purchase goes to impoverished communities in need of upper extremity medical care across the globe.

Never miss another golf match or beautiful day outside gardening due to pain caused by arthritis. Thumb Anchor is here to help.

Built for ease and comfort, Thumb Anchor is easy to put on and wear comfortable throughout the day.